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Free Online Warranty Checker for Hard Disk Drives

Here you can check and confirm the warranty status of your Hard Disk for all current manufacturers, right from this single page. We have gathered the resources for all the manufacturers right here. Simply click on your hard drive brand and enter the required information (Model no. Serial no. e.t.c.) to know whether your drive is under warranty or not and how much warranty is left for it.

Note: Since Seagate acquired Maxtor/Samsung and Toshiba Acquired Fujitsu; warranty for these brands can be checked via the Seagate/Toshiba warranty checkers itself respectively.

Please note that we are providing warranty resource only for informative purposes. For any warranty claim or replacement, kindly contact the drive's manufacturer's service center directly.

Seagate - Maxtor

Seagate and Maxtor Warranty Check


Samsung (Now Seagate) Warranty Check

Western Digital

Western Digital Warranty Check


Hitachi Warranty Check


Toshiba Warranty Check


Fujitsu (Now Toshiba) Warranty Check

If You Encounter Any Problem In Warranty Checking, Please Contact Us

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